BristolCon Artist Shoutout #2

Sorry about the delay, this was supposed to be out last weekend, but stuff happened.

Anyway, on to the second (and last) shout for people I saw at BristolCon that (for me) stood out from the crowd.

First Jennie Gyllblad. "Illustrator and Graphic Novel Artist' it says on her card, and I cant find anything to disagree with there.

What attracted me to Jennie's table - apart from her wonderful feathered headdress - was that I saw an instant synergy between her work and my current novel, Amunet.

Its surprising how often I see something that calls to something I'm working on. A hint as to what sort of cover art I might want when it gets published (assuming I get a say). Anyhow, Jennie's site is very much worth a look at www.jenniegyllblad.com

Next, Tom and Nimue Brown. Spent ages chatting with Nimue about Tom's work, and even managed to buy a couple of pieces (though not as much as I would have liked). Really looking forward getting my hands on 'Hopeless Maine: Personal Demons'. I also so wish I had known Nimue was a druid while I was chatting to her - actually, that might not have been such a good idea. Druidry fascinates me and I would probably have scared away other potential customers. Hope to seem them both again at other cons.

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