Dresden Rides Again: Cold Days

Seems I have a bit of a bromance going on with Harry at the moment - though it seems inevitable ti will come to an abrupt end as there are no more Harry Dresden books, at least for a while. I have to wait for my next Audible credit.

This is the second Dresden book I've listened to in 6 weeks, and I have to say its considerably better than the last one (Ghost Story). In some ways it feel that Ghost Story was actually nothing more than a setup piece, akin to the second Matrix move or Empire Strikes back. That could account for all the introspective whining - filler.

Setting Ghost Story aside, I admit I approached Cold Days with more than a hint of trepidation. After all, nobody really likes the realisation that a formerly favoured writer has taken the silver penny and is writing ground meat for the publishing machine.

Fortunately, Cold Days is a vast improvement, and very much more Dresden-esque. It is not without its flaws. I dont know if it is because I am listening to it rather than reading it, or perhaps because I have just finished going over my latest novel with an editor. Whatever the reason, I'm finding the reptetitions of 'Hells Bells', 'Stars and Stones' and whatever his brother uses for a catchphrase that for the moment escapes me, very annoying and obvious. I get it that this is the purpose of a catch phrase, but there are limits. Or should be.

As I mentioned, just about every string Butcher has set up in Ghost Story get pulled here, and it would be a little bewildering if you hadnt read the other book first. It still works, Harry still blunders about making bright flashed, loud noises, and getting the bejazus kicked out of him yet still miraculously staggering to his feet and fighting off the bad guys. There are the usual collection of misdirections during the first 90% of the story, and a flurry of explanation and exposures at the end.

In fairness, though, the end is unexpected, very dramatic, and 'wanna know what happens next'-y. Which is pretty much what I want out of a book. So it worked. For me at least. Enjoy.