Great Royal Mail RipOff...

So, I ordered some goodies from the US. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Rarely been charged import duty on anything I've ordered before, but I know it can occasionally happen. You pay the postie, problem solved

Until I get a snotty little slip poked through my hole this morning. 'You owe a fiver in tax on this, and we at the Royal Mail are going to charge you EIGHT QUID just for the privilege of allowing us to collect it from you'.

So some little snot take 2 minutes to write the card out (and get my name wrong, and not put a reference number on it), I have to go all the way to the sorting office to pay cash or cheque (for gods sake who still uses cheques!), and I still end up having to pay them.

The Royal Mail constantly says it has to put up its charges because fewer and fewer people are using the service.

I wonder why.


Paracetamol Knee-Jerk

It was great to hear today that deaths from paracetamol overdose (and thus liver failure) have dropped dramatically since legislation was passed to limit the number that cold be bought at any time. There is an article on the BBC News website about it.

What I'm not so happy about is that the lead researcher seems to think that there should be further reductions in the number of pills anyone can buy at a time, and even that the amount of active ingredient should be reduced.

Time out!

Paracetamol is pretty bloody useless as a painkiller anyway. Its the very ineffectiveness of it that makes it so dangerous when people are trying to self-medicate serious pain. Sticking plaster on a slashed artery comes to mind. I recently had a serious infection in my sinus that made every tooth on one side of my mouth scream in agony. Luckily I had some serious pain meds available to me that I knew were safe, or I would have been in a very poor state and probably not able to make rational judgement.

So if its so damned dangerous, pull it from sale. I'm tired of half-way measures on half-effective treatments.

If its not that dangerous, then stop penalising me for people who cant be bothered to read or understand the warnings on the packet.