BristolCon Artist Shoutout #1: Talis Kimberley

BristolCon laid on entertainment for the die-hards that wouldn't leave after the Con closed, and we were extremely lucky that said entertainment was provided by Talis, ably abetted by by Chantelle Smith on vocals and Simon Fairbourn (I believe) playing so many instruments it was almost surreal.

I love Talis is informal style. I hope she wont be offended if I say it the very unpolished nature of her performance that makes it so immediate and personal - and I mean personal in the sense that you get to feel she is playing for you, not just as a gig. It was wonderful, and I still have the refrain of the Plastic Spoon song earworming me days after.

Simon played (not simultaneously) Oboe, bass acoustic guitar, penny whistle and trumpet. Thinking about it, I'm lying; he did play both guitar and penny whistle sort of at the same time. Credit where its due after all. I have to admit (having been accused of assault with intent on a guitar myself), I enjoyed watching Simon play almost as much as I enjoyed listening to Talis and Chantelle.

So there you have it. Swindon based, www.talis.net for more info, being listened to even as I type this. Go see her if you get a chance, or buy an album if you like really personal folk. And I haven't even mentioned the knitting.

And if you folks ever see this - thanks again :)

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