First Review for "Warrior Stone: Underland"

A big thank you to Tony Lane for my first review of "Warrior Stone: Underland". I've copied the text for this post, but you can see the original here

The cover art for this book is by Linzi Goldstone. It is quite simple at first glance but it really does put you inside the story. The subtle steampunk hints are in the art and similarly woven in to the story. Except things are not steam powered. There is a magical field in the Underland.
I’d much rather teenagers read books like this rather than ones about sparkly vampires. Underland is a place between worlds. A magical yet industrialized realm tantalizingly close to this one. Only children can jump between realms and they act as guardians against the encroachment from the other side of the Underland.
I usually have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen when I read a book but this one keeps you guessing until the end. Don’t expect everything to be resolved though. The ending closes off the story nicely but it certainly feels like the first in a series. I still have plenty of questions that I’d like answering.
The characters in this book are believable and real (as much as magic using dimension shifting teenagers can be). I found this book to be a refreshing change of pace from my usual reads. It is bright and positive in a way that left me feeling better about life.
Oh and Evie is every bit the kick-ass heroine without the need for overt sexuality or reliance on a male. 


Cover Reveal! Warrior Stone

Cover art by Linzi Goldstone.

Published by Fox Spirit 30th April 2014

Inexpressibly excited about this one. Fox Spirit are a bright and vibrant publishers, and a great fit for this book. I hope to publish many more with them.

Warrior Stone Underland is a steampunk/urban fantasy adventure for all ages, but especially the 12-years-and-over reader.