Sneak Preview

There is a great website for YA readers out there called "D. Renee Bagby Presents YA First Chapters"

Aspiring writers like yours truly (or perhaps 'perspiring' might be more appropriate after the mini heatwave we just had) get to post some interesting facts about themselves and their current work of genius, and then the whole first chapter is available to read.

OK, I know Amazon do this too, but Renee's site is way more accessible and isn't top-heavy with names from major publishers. I've already picked up two more books for my 'to read' list from it.

Aphrodite's Dawn gets a mention today. Click here to have a look. Click here to buy it if you like it, or even click here to drop along to my facebook page and give me a like :)

Hope you enjoy it or, if  'Aphrodite's Dawn' isn't to you taste (although I can't possibly think why), maybe you'll find something else you like. It will be up there for a week or so. Just scroll down if its not at the top.

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