7 Weeks

Holy Smokes, its just seven weeks to FantasyCon 2012. A weekend of debauchery and schmoozing with the Genre cognoscenti and literati while indulging in serious liver abuse and highly questionable disco dancing (which last year went on until 5am).

Then four weeks after that, Bristolcon. First time there, but Bristol is my hometown so it will be nice to take a trip back. Sure there will be much of the same going on, just slightly smaller in scale. Sometimes small is nice. One of the best cons I ever went to (and my first) was NewCon5 (organised by Ian Whaites of NewCon press), and the least fun I had was at SFX this year, where there were 4500 people.

For me, the whole point of Cons is to meet people. Sometimes, you simply end up with a friend, which is great. Or you could find yourself chatting to a personal hero, or someone who can help you in the business, or someone who wants to read what you've written and just doesn't know it yet. Big cons tend to be impersonal. The talent gets hidden away in 'green rooms' and 'queue here if you have the right colour wristband to talk to this level of celeb. Hell, they even charge for autographs. Not my scene.

Keep it cosy. Keep it personal. :)

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