Sorry to have kept you waiting, but

I know, I know, excuse after excuse. Look on the bright side. At least I don't spam you all. And I do have an excellent reason. Not only have we just about finished all the prep work on my new book with Kristell Ink (more soon), but (fanfare please) after far too long here, finally, is the third book in the Warrior Stone series.


Glorious cover, isn't it? Courtesy of the inimitable Amygdala Design (of course).

"Trouble is closing in on Claire Stone. Her parents are possessed by monsters, all her friends are betraying her, and everyone is trying to steal the secret of the White Magic.
When Help does come, it is d=from and unexpected source. Claire finds it difficult to trust anybody after so many betrayals, and has nowhere else to turn.
But her parents need her, and now Claire has to find out just how far she is prepared to go to save them.”

Officially released 31 July 2017. Available for preorder on Amazon now (click here). Other formats will be available on 31st.

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