Another astonishing BristolCon

A day or two late, but I've really only just managed to get my head together.

Sadly this was the first BristolCon I've ever had a negative thing happen to me, and have to say one of the panels I was on was disappointingly not as inclusive or well-mannered as I would normally expect, but on the whole, it was again utterly awesome, and I loved it.

I even got a new badge his year (I'm trying to collect a full set). All I did was say I would help out a bit here and there, and I got a STAFF badge. Honoured! Especially when an unofficial 'Minion' badge was added. I feel I was reasonably successful, as I heard no reports of the Art Room displays falling down.

For me, BristolCon has always been as much about the people you meet as the wonderful panels, art and trade rooms. This year was no disappointment; Adrian Tchaikovsky is an absolute gentleman as well as an excellent author, and Paul Cornell an amusing and engaging conversationalist. I was also lucky enough to meet Snorri Kristjansan (excellent, funny panelist) Anne Lyle, and Jacey Bedford. Gareth L Powell and Roz Clarke were also great to share panel-space with.

I was also really impressed by the Art GoH Julian Quaye (www.julianquaye.co.uk). Unusual and beautiful images well worth a look.

Next years GoHs have been announced as Jaine Fenn (good to have on your team at the pub quiz and a 'must' if she is doing a reading) and I think (apols if wrong) Jasper fforde. Not sure who the Artist GoH will be, but I've never been disappointed yet.

A WORD OF WARNING: BristolCon will be EARLY next year, thanks to FantasyCon deciding to muscle in on our date. We could have taken them on, but we dont want anyone to say we cant be flexible. September, not October.

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