All change, please

A huge change is sailing resolutely towards the iceberg of my life. All right, its not like I didn't know it was coming - I was told I was being made redundant more than three months ago. Its just that its happening on Thursday (the day before Good Friday)

Now, I freely admit I am in a much better place than most in such a situation. My wife is still working, and we can continue to function on what she brings in for some time. So this leaves me with a decision I'm not sure I've made yet. What do I do now?

The traditional solution is, obviously, get a job. But the job market in IT is quiet, especially in mid-low management, and the last job kind of beat the enthusiasm for IT out of  me for a while. So it would be nice to take a break - if it weren't for the received wisdom that taking too long a sabbatical between role makes you more difficult to employ.

Change jobs? At my age the prospect of going back to being little more than an intern doesn't hold much charm.

Write? Full Time? [You'll have to imagine the pregnant pause, and the speculative look on the face]

Heck, its what I want to do. Right now I even have an interesting secret project in progress, and some cracking ideas that are begging to be outlined. I have two sequels I would like to right, and outlines for a 5-book Urban Fantasy series. I have enough 'work' to keep me writing for two years, even without a day job to get in the way.

I guess time will tell.

I know this is a very 'internal' post, but hey, isnt blogging all about sharing your thoughts? :)

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