Be vewy, vewy, qwiet.......

... I'm hunting Agents. Heheheheheh

OK, not everybody is going to get the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd reference. Oooh, scary thought: what if nobody gets the gag? Horror!

Anyhow, I just declared open season on agents and I have every intention of bagging one this year. Been through my copy of 'Writers and Artists' and made myself a monster list, polished my cover letters and synopsis, and empties my mailbox ready for action.

Now, if someone would just like to volunteer and save me a couple of months of of hope and heartache...?


  1. LOL! I got it! :-)) Thanks for the chuckle and good lucky with your wabbit hunt! I mean agent quest! haha

    * tip-toes vewy, vewy, quiet out of your blog *

  2. It's Duck Season!
    Rabbit Season!
    Duck Season!
    Rabbit Season!

    You're both wrong it's BASEBALL Season! ... NOPE... all three of you are wrong. It's AGENT Season!

    Good luck! :)