Dipping a toe into Eastercon

This was my first Eastercon. OK, my first half Eastercon if you want to be pedantic. And to be honest it was more of mate meeting session, which is never a bad thing. Ian Whates of Newcon press is always a pleasure to chat to, and it was nice to bump into  Trevor Jones - given I hadn't really spoken to him in about eight  years, it was great to be remembered. And, of course, Anne Sudworth put on a wonderful display of her artwork

One of the highlights of the evening was a random chat with a bloke by the name of John Cox. Nobody famous that I could tell, but we had a right old natter.

Then today just when it seemed all over, Raven Dane delivered a brilliant presentation about training horses for the movie and film industry.

Next year, Bradford, may be a bit too far out of my patch, but I'll certainly think about going next time its in London


  1. Hi RB,

    Anne Sudworth is one of my favourite artists but I had never associated her work with Sci-Fi. I bought her “Enchanted World” book in Glastonbury about ten years ago because I just loved the eerie light source in the pictures, and it is still my favourite book.


    1. Anne is one of the nicest people ever. She has a great memory for faces, and dresses with wonderful style. She even had one of her originals on display at eastercon (thanks to a very philanthropic buyer). If you can make it down to Bristolcon in October, Anne is Artist of Honour. Bristolcon is supposedly a lovely, friendly little con and ideal for convirgins. I am making a point of going this year - it is in my home town after all :)

  2. Thank you for that, RB, I am a convirgin!
    Bristol isn't too far - I worked there for a few years, so it still seems familiar.
    It would depend on family stuff and not leaving the dog alone too long etc. Something to think about nearer to October.

  3. You don't mean John Coxon, do you?

  4. Hi Johan,
    No, I dont think so. I went looking through the membership list to see if this chap was an 'anybody' and I took a quick stumble over the Coxon link too - but the pictures of Mr Coxon dont look much like this chap and they were both on the list.