Grand Plan Replanned

Can't remember who said this. Probably Sun Tsu, or somebody like him. "No military strategy survives the first encounter with the enemy".

Based on that, I think the Grand Plan did OK. I wrote three outlines; one as a sequel to Aphdrodite's Dawn, one as the second book in the Warrior Stone trilogy, and a steampunk/urban fantasy mash with a working title of 'Amunet', so I guess I met the first half of the objectives.

Writing the three shorts was not so easy. I have finished one, and its currently out for peer preview. But then I got some comments on another story I wrote a while back. I never put it out for publication as I was never totally happy with it. Not the 'fussing with it ad absurdium because I can't let it go' thing, but just a feeling it was missing something. The comments gave me an idea and I've just launched into a total rewrite of a 100k word novel. Did I hear somebody at the back scream 'insanity'? Perhaps.

So I have no idea how long that's going to take, but I figure that's got to be worth two short stories? Mmm?

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  1. Probably Carl von Clausewitz 1780 - 1831 (Prussian Army) was behind the quote in his treatise "On War".