Swings and roundabouts

My last post was about a news item that upset me - so here is one about a news item that made me smile.

I was watching the BBC Breakfast program this morning, specifically the item on the 'Tough Guy Challenge'. This is a gruelling assault course involving mud, climbing nets, very cold water, crawling pits, more mud... I think you get the idea.

And this year they opened it up to kids - after fencing off some of the more obviously dangerous bits. What brought the smile to my face were the boys - and girls - they were interviewing who had just completed the course. One young lady around ten explained how she was 'really frightened, but I made myself do it'. When the reporter asked how she felt, the little girl replied 'Proud of myself.' I almost got a lump in the throat. Almost.

A lad of about the same age summed it up. "It felt real. Adventure rides you're all strapped i and you know its safe, but this is a big difference, and its a bit dangerous." And all the while his faced had that 'can I go back and do it again' look.

Kid love to be pushed, to feel the adrenalin, to feel scared. I know I used to. That little tremble of uncertainty when you look down off the roof of the garage and wonder if you really can jump off, and the awesome sense of achievement when you do.

I think its a shame so few kids get to feel that these days.

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