I'd almost forgotten how nice it is to be in that creative space where you are discovering where your next story is going to take you. Now that I've done as much as I can (for now) for the story I started in January (one written under my other, secret identity), its time to start scoping out the next project, and it looks like an unexpected front runner has made itself known already.

I had three possibles that had been kicking around since the new year; two were already more developed (a sequel to 'Aphrodite's Dawn' and a straight-ish fantasy tale) but its the runt of the litter that has suddenly taken off. After all, its a little over-confident to write a sequel for something you don't know if people will like :)

Plots and backstory and characters are all crowding around and jostling to be noted down. All I will say for now is that it is going be something of a Steampunk/Urban Fantasy cross.

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