Review: 'Steampunk' ed Kelly Link and Gavin J Grant

Two stories in this collection stood out as shining examples of Steampunk. Honourable mention for  "Last Ride of the Glory Girls" by Libba Bray. An excellent Wild West steampunk romp, gentle twists and a good punchline.

The best story, by far, was 'Steam Girl', by Dylan Horrocks. The story is written in true steampunk style. The story is so dense that it is almost impossible to summarise it without dropping spoilers all over the place, but for me it had everything a steampunk tale need and was superbly framed in a mundane setting that telegraphed the ending but still left you with a virtual 'air-punch' and a muted 'yes' at the end.

Unfortunately, the rest of the anthology lacked fire. Not so bad that abandoned the book. I did read it to the end, but its not one I will be keeping to read again.

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