Grand Plan Update

Second outline finished. I now have the second Warrior Stone book waiting to be written. Of course, cant really start it before I find somewhere to place the first one. And I guess the same goes for the sequel to Aphrodite's Dawn That's the outline I'm working on now, but I cant really get started on writing it until we see how Aphrodite's Dawn is received. Looks like the steampunk outline could get developed first.

That is, unless I can actually come up with an idea for one or more of the three short stories I promised myself. So far, still not a squeak. I guess it could be my muse is more than happy with the three book ideas, but I'll give her a little longer to make her mind up.


  1. I can relate to your post, I have a novel two thirds through and ideas for a few more, but all I seem to be able to do is the shorts. These do make a general outline for future novels too.

  2. I used to get that a lot. When I would post a short to one of my crit groups, I usually got back 'this sounds like it should be a novel' :)