They turned their backs on technology when they settled their world. When the children began to develop magical powers, they thought it was a wonderful gift - until they took over.  Now something has gone wrong with the Gateway, the portal through which they arrived.

Elanor came to her her powers not as a child, but as a woman: A Maverick. Anatol has been sent by the home world to repair the Gateway before it destroys both civilisations. 

They collide in an uneasy truce of science and magic.

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Garret's world is six floors high by five hundred people wide and he despairs of ever being happy. His culture says that they are alone and there is nothing beyond, just the rock of the walls going on forever. Everybody does exactly what they have always done. There is no growth, excitement or variety. The environment is slowly falling to pieces
Then Garret starts to hear a voice in his head, telling him the access code to a panel on Level 6. Garret does not even stop to think. He sees this as an opportunity to escape from an unbearable world, and seizes the opportunity. He follows the instructions he is given and escapes. (Young Adult)

Buy this book here: Paperback (UK) (US)      E-book  (UK) (US)   

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