A little bit of what you fancy...

...in the sense of not a particularly focused post but, for the first time in a while, I actually have a little free time. Now that in itself is a novelty.
Also a novelty is that I haven't written a word in a whole month. Can't remember that happening for about the last six years.

I mean, I'm not a believer in the 'a writer must write something every day' diktat. If you are working with your editor(s) prepping a book, you often don't have time to write, and sometimes, you just don't have anything to say. But still, its odd.

And its not that I haven't been busy. We went to SFW7 earlier in the month, where the ever awesome Sam Stone organised some great panels and we picked up some great ideas from other traders there. I suppose most of the month has been taken up with implementing those changes (and decorating, over which we will draw a discrete veil). Our next con is EM-Con, over the Mayday bank holiday weekend, where we will be sited next to Crafty Miss Kitty (best friends and purveyors of wonderful handmade jewellery). The event promises to be spectacular, and we will again be carrying a selection of books from my new publisher, Kristell Ink

And as for writing? Good point. I really should be picking up the third Warrior Stone book, but something is stopping me. Not sure what it is yet, but 'writers block' tend to be trying to tell me something is wrong somewhere. Perhaps my muse thinks I need to change something, or even that I need to write something else first. Either way, I have faith in my muse. It will tell me what I need to do when it's ready. In the mean time, where did I put that saw? There's decorating to finish off

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