Maverick by Robert Harkess - out now

They settled their world hundreds of years ago, turning their backs on technology, closing the Gate behind them. When their children began to develop impossible powers they rejoiced and called them Golden – until they took over. Now the Golden are feared
Elanor comes to her powers not as a child, but as a young woman – a Maverick. The Golden are rumoured to do terrible things to Mavericks, so Elanor runs.
Anatol has travelled from the home world, decades of suspended animation, to stop the Gate malfunctioning and destroying both worlds. 
He and Elanor collide, and form an uneasy truce of science and magic

Metaphoric Media and Robert Harkess are excited to announce that Maverick is now available on Amazon.

'Maverick' is a new writing direction for Robert. Previously known for his Young Adult books Warrior Stone: Underland and Aphrodite's Dawn, this is his first foray in mainstream writing

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