Gently, Gently

I confess to being a 'George Gently' fan and I am very much enjoying the new series. As with all TV, I tend to be far behind the curve. For example, I still have the complete season 4 of Haven on my sky box, waiting to be watched.

But as the latest Gently drew to a close, for me at least on Sunday evening, I was stuck by just how perfect a fit for the role of George Gently was Martin Shaw. He was good as Judge John Deed, but Gently seems to be one of the very rare cases. Which, of course, set me to arguing with my partner about other such matches.

Surprisingly we both agreed instantly as Ken Stott as John Rebus - another match made in heaven. Then it got a bit more difficult. My partner raised the stakes with Megan Fellows as Anne of Green Gables, but I felt unqualified to challenge. Then it was my turn to raise of call - and I realised I had nothing. Compared to Stott and Shaw, I actually couldn't come up with a role that was so 'it couldn't be anybody else'.

I was surprised.

Any suggestions? Dare you offer anything? It will almost certainly be disputed, if not ridiculed. :)

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