Great Royal Mail RipOff...

So, I ordered some goodies from the US. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Rarely been charged import duty on anything I've ordered before, but I know it can occasionally happen. You pay the postie, problem solved

Until I get a snotty little slip poked through my hole this morning. 'You owe a fiver in tax on this, and we at the Royal Mail are going to charge you EIGHT QUID just for the privilege of allowing us to collect it from you'.

So some little snot take 2 minutes to write the card out (and get my name wrong, and not put a reference number on it), I have to go all the way to the sorting office to pay cash or cheque (for gods sake who still uses cheques!), and I still end up having to pay them.

The Royal Mail constantly says it has to put up its charges because fewer and fewer people are using the service.

I wonder why.

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