Things to remember for Xmas

So, tree is up and decorated. Twice actually: its a new tree and the first arrangement didn't look so good so we stripped it and did it again.

Gifts are all bought and wrapped - OK, I know that makes me a bit weird and that a lot of people haven't even started gift shopping, let alone finished it.

But there's one thing I'd like everybody to think of as they make out the gift list: Don't forget to give something to your favourite charity. All charities get hammered at Christmas. People get too busy. Donations tend to dry up from regular sources and pick up from unexpected ones.

I know most of us give something. I help out Cancer Research and the Alzheimer's Society with regular donations, but every Christmas I send something to the cat shelter we got Tootsie from - The Scratching Post. Just £15 or so to help make sure the heaters stay on and the bowls have food during the winter.

Go on - pick a charity. Maybe a local homeless shelter, or a contact centre for the elderly. Throw them a twenty. In the UK that gives someone a meal and a bed for the night.

Now, where did I put my supermarket shopping list: food, booze, snacks, more booze.... :)

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