Review: Bryant & May and the Invisible Code

This book was really refreshing and original, especially as an audiobook (narrated by Tim Goodman). I know this is this latest in series (of seven or eight), but its the first one I have listened to, so new to me.

Messrs Bryant and May head up the Peculiar Crimes Unit, a shabby, ill-regarded unit of a half dozen or so officers and a gender-confused cat, reporting direct to the home office.

Bryant and May and the Invisible Code | Christopher FowlerI dont do descriptions of the book itself: I hate when people accidentally print spoilers. Also, there are lots of places where you can see what the book is about.

What I loved about this book was the characters, particularly Bryant, and an undercurrent of humour. Imagine a pensioner with the curiosity and education of Holmes, with a tendency to drift towards the paranormal. Quite happy to play with Machiavellian skill on the supposed frailties of his post-retirement age, and as sharp as a bucket of best quality nails. Goodman gets the voice for Bryant perfect.

The other characters are as beautifully rendered. Even those with quite peripheral roles have great depth, and Fowler is wonderful at both avoiding stereotypes, and yet almost parodying them when he does use them.

This is a real 'appeals to all' type book, and I heartily recommend it.

Right, now- off to Audible to wishlist the rest if them

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