Too much information?

Social media is a wonderful thing, but I've recently discovered something I never thought about. I follow several publishers/editors, both on Facebook and Twitter. Its good to keep an eye on what the market is doing and what is being released.
The down side is that I have submissions into at least two of these publishers, so when they happily post 'acceptances today' in a message, who can blame me for catching my breath and clutching my hands to my beating heart in hope, watching the inbox for hours, only to slink away, depressed and disheartened, at the end of the day.
Add to this the 'reading a great manuscript' message. Same hopes, longer fade.
OK, so its nice to know that the people you've entrusted your metaphorical children to are actually working hard, but in the back of your mind there is always that little niggle of hope or doubt. Guess that's why they say one of the first attributes a writer needs to develop is a thick skin :)

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