...but I don't read kids books

I was having a chat with a colleague in my day job and had somehow managed to casually drop into the conversation that I had published my first book - as authors do. The initial response was all interest and 'wow' until we got to the 'what's it about' bit. As soon as I mentioned it was 'YA' said person flinched away and said 'I don't read kids books'.

Now I was quite surprised by the instant rejection. I thought about marshalling arguments based on Potter, but the moment passed. The surprise didn't go away, though. I mean, I wonder how many people think of YA as 'kids books'? Someone should do a survey.

See, I disagree with that. OK, maybe I'm biased, but I haven't read a YA book yet that wouldn't appeal to an adult who read the same genre. Anyone who likes Jim Butcher's work would probably like The Demon Trappers trilogy by Jana Oliver Its interesting to see that some of the books I read ages ago as 'adult' have now been re-branded (or cross-branded) as YA. David Eddings 'Belgariad' springs to mine.

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this, and if you are one of the 'I don't read kids books' try one and see. Preferably mine, of course.


  1. Good luck with your book. Maybe advertise it as 'general fiction' that is suitable for younger readers?

    1. Thanks for the idea, Sue. I'll certainly discuss it with my publisher