Warrior Stone Books

Underland is a twisted copy of our world that uses industrialised magic to power  a mis-matched assortment of stolen technology and oddball inventions. Just enough like home to make travellers feel confident - and get them into trouble
Claire Stone stumbles into underland rushing home one night. She gets chased by a shape-shifting monster, rescues another girl, and gets offered the job of Warrior. What adventure-hungry book-lover could refuse. Everything seems great, until a friend goes missing and the Warrior has to turn Hunter
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All is not well in Underland. Human Observers are being replaced by Grenliks, and people are losing their memories.
Claire is being taught magic, which no human should be able to do in Underland. Somebody doesn't seem too pleased about her training, or her poking her nose into what is behind the missing memories, and Claire has to deal with threats to her friends and family.
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