Individual Cases

I am so fed up with hearing those two words, and knowing that they are being used as a cop-out by someone in a position of authority.

Immigration department ministers who wont discuss a family they are persecuting, or why they wont eject a murderer from another country.

The (so called) justice system being caught out in another miscarriage, or the police afraid to acknowledge they let another vulnerable person die in custody.

Hospitals killing patients through neglect.

Admittedly, it's not all the time, but its often enough to announce that somebody has done something embarrassing and they are trying to get out of talking about it.

The latest one is facebook. A Facebook group (unnamed) abused 14 year old Izzy Dix, who hung herself last year. Now trolls from the same group are targeting the child's mother. The police are being their usual (in)efficient selves when it comes to technology crimes and - although facebook have removed the group - their line is that they dont comment on individual pages.

Wouldn't it be nice if all the weasley evaders and liars were forced to talk about the individual stuff. After all, that's what we are - individuals. Policies dont matter, nobody ever sticks to them. Surely what matters to us is how we are treated.



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