The Room of Infinite Distractions

At the top of the stairs, first door on the right, is a dark and forbidding man-cave.

My Office

I used to have the light and airy second bedroom, but now I have the box room.

Its where I go to concentrate on my writing, to work from home on occasion, to think deep and meaningful thoughts. My 'productive zone'

Except is isnt. Not even close. If I want to get any work done, I end up working at the dining room table, usually with nothing more than a notepad, a fountain pen, and my phone to play music.

'Why?' I hear you cry in astonishment, envious that I have a cave and incredulous that I dont work there. I shall tell you. Laptop (and thus internet), TV, DVD, Sky+ (tivo), Xbox.

My lovely quiet working environment has mutated into a second lounge where I get away from the bustle of others and endless TV soaps, and replace them with endless reruns of House MD, Eureka, and Warehouse 13.

The moral of this story? Be strong, and keep your work area clean, simple, and free of distractions

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