Curse of the Trilogy

I just finished listening to 'Variant', by Robison Wells (narrated by Michael Goldstrom) As this book came to an end I was so furious I could have spit nails, and I actually swore at my phone. Seriously.


Another damned TRILOGY. Worse, there was nothing in the description on Amazon or Audible to suggest it was a damned trilogy. If there had been, I wouldn't have bought it. I am, at the moment, fed up with trilogies, and I am fed up with publishing houses making sure we all pay £25 for a story rather to £8 or £10.

The conclusion had been working up nicely, then there's an odd twist, and with a growing sense of horror I hear the cheesy hook-line: "tune in next week, folks". Worse, if thats possible, than a Dan Brown chapter-end cliff-hanger

But what makes it really, really, really annoying is that it was a damned good story. OK, the main character was a little monomaniacal, and now I understand why he kept repeating the same rant over and over in such depth (padding), but it was essentially excellent. The pace was good throughout, original storyline, very believable characters. If it hadn't been for the trilogy/cheesy hookline I really would have given this five stars

(Note: I fully expect this to come back and bite me on the butt when somebody finally bribes me into writing a trilogy :). I don't have an issue with trilogies per se, but I hate trilogies that are not self contained in their parts)

I'd still recommend it as a read, though

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  1. I hate trilogies that are not self contained in their parts. Exactly my thoughts.