is life at the moment. The infamous day job is absorbing time like a sponge, the new story, Amunet (now 25k words and growing fast) is doing its best to soak up whatever is left, and some scumbag tried to break into my house. Putting the damage right is taking what little time I have left spare, so I suppose the little git did manage to steal something.

But on the back of that I got a really nice surprise. The police have been brilliant. I was expecting a crime number and little else, but we had a SOCO sweeping for prints in 3 hours, beat bobbies an hour behind that (on an england football night, too). Then the next day the PCSO's were doing door to door on my street and streets either side, and dropped in on the missus to make sure she was all right. To top it all off, we got a call from victim support, asking us if we were OK and was there any help we needed.

And all for an attempted break in. I am impressed, and will be writing to the appropriate senior officer to say so. Its good to have your stereotypes challenged occasionally

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