I have a plan...

Not a 'new year's resolution'. Don't believe in them. If you want to do something, do it - don't wait for Jan 1

So, there I was, trying to relax of the holiday and just feeling edgy because I wasn't 'working' on something. Aphrodite's Dawn will hopefully be out in January, Warrior Stone is out looking for a home, and I'm catching up on reading - but that's not 'working'.

So the grand plan is that I will write at least three short stories from my 'ideas pile' and do at least three book outlines before I start on my next novel. Looking forward to it. It will be a nice change, and you know what they say about a change being as good as a rest.

Have a wonderful New Year, and I sincerely hope the next twelve months moves you smoothly towards your next life goal

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